5 Free Facebook Tools No Dentist Can Live Without

Seven out of ten U.S. adults are on Facebook; so, it’s not surprising that 98% of dental practices we surveyed are on there, too.

What is surprising is how few dental professionals know about the wealth of free tools Facebook offers to help their practices connect with patients on the world’s #1 social media site.

Facebook Wi-Fi

You can turn your practice into a free Wi-Fi hotspot for patients who check into your location using Facebook. No special passwords are required. When patients check in on Facebook their friends can discover your practice by seeing the story in their News Feed. It’s a great way to get new likes, reach more people and help new patients find your practice.

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Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger, now better known as Messenger, is Facebook’s instant messaging app. It’s perfect for engaging directly with individuals or groups of patients on both mobile and desktop. You can share texts, photos, videos and more. Unlike organic Facebook posts, Messenger guarantees delivery making it ideal for answering patient questions, scheduling appointments and promoting special offers. Many practices are starting to use Q&A chatbots with Messenger to answer patients’ frequently asked questions.

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Facebook Audience Insights

Want to understand your Facebook audience better? Facebook Audience Insights has the answers. It helps you easily measure the performance of your practice’s business page. You can use it to track “likes,” page views, post reach and more so you’ll get real insights into who is your most engaged audience and how are they interacting with your practice on Facebook. This free tool provides data on everything from when your fans are seeing your posts to identifying what kind of video content is most successful on your page.

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Facebook Ad Manager

Ads Manager is the all-in-one tool you need to create, manage and track your ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network. Incredibly versatile, you can use it to select your target audience, write ad copy, develop and upload creative as well as review how your fished ads will look when viewed on different devices. It provides easy campaign management and real-time reporting on your ad’s performance, too.

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Facebook Blueprint

Blueprint offers free, easy-to-follow eLearning courses to help you become a master of Facebook marketing tools. Totally intuitive and customizable to your individual needs, Blueprint will recommend specific training to help you use Facebook to achieve your practices specific business goals. Specifically designed with small business owners (like dentists) in mind, Whether you’re just getting started on Facebook or you want advanced training on the latest Facebook tools, Blueprint guides you every step of the way.

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